“Real Sports Association” is a non-profit making NGO under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 working towards the improvement & development of various sports in the city/ country.

RSA is formed by some real football enthusiastic who worked for a reputed football club for more than 10 years in Delhi with full dedication & commitment. All these guys (Manoj Chaudhary, Sanjay Negi, Harshvardhan Singh, Sunil Singh Rawat (Sutti), Pradeep Nandi, Budhraj Singh Rawat, Ajay Pundir, Usha, Shyam Lal, Rajan, Birendra, Harish Kundu, Ajay Chaudhary, Rajindra Uraon & JoyMondal) are high class professionals in management, training, event management & operations. These guys are well known in the city & there is no doubt on their capabilities, commitment & dedication towards the development of their passion- “FOOTBALL”.
Aim of the NGO:

  • To help Indian Sports grow without any intention of making profit out of it.
  • To provide talented & quality players to the nation in future in various sports.
  • To promote sports culture amongst the people of India for healthy living standards.
  • To work towards the development of different sports by organizing training camps, centers, workshops, matches, national & international trips & other events for various sports.
  • To start various sports training centres, training schools, academies & other institutions in the city/ country.

At present we are focusing on football which is the most loving game of the world. We have started football academes for the youths of Delhi & NCR at:

Venue 1 : Vinay Marg Sports Complex (Opp. Nehru Park ), Chanakya Puri, New Delhi
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (Throughout the year)
1600 to 1800 hrs (In winter) & 1700 to 1900 hrs (In summer)
Age limit: + 5 (Five or above)

We are pleased to state that various age group teams of the football academy has participated in several domestic & international tournaments such as Under 15 Inter Academy DSA League- Delhi, Helsinki Cup- Finland, Gothia Cup- Sweden, Dana Cup- Denmark, Singa Cup- Singapore etc.


  1. More football Academies for youth.
  2. More exposure trips for the age group teams within India & Abroad.
  3. Inter School Football Leagues in Delhi.
  4. Inter Academy City League.
  5. Interaction programs for sports awareness amongst the RWA’s, Parents, Schools etc.
  1. To get financial stability so that everybody can concentrate towards the aims of the NGO.
  2. For opening several new academies for various sports in Delhi & NCR.
  3. For better grounds, more coaches, more quality equipments & support to the trainees & coaches.
  4. For better packages & rewards for the coaches & other employees to keep them motivated for the tasks.
  5. For organizing conditioning camps, exposure trips for the youth teams & coaches in India & abroad.
  6. For the scholarships/rewards to the upcoming talented players & coaches who are improving & showing potential.
Benefits :
  1. Association with an NGO working towards sports development.
  2. The training centres can be named upon the name of the sponsor if they wish.
  3. Branding on each ground during the training sessions/ school leagues etc.
  4. Approx 200 football Players per centre in age 7-18 years, approx 25% new players every year.
  5. Each Trainee and the coaches will wear sponsor branded T Shirts.
  6. Parents and supporters will also wear sponsor branded T-Shirts.
  7. Media coverage12 visits of TV - NDTV, Sky News, CNN-IBN.
  8. Launch of scheme with Chief Minister of Delhi, Sports Minister etc - Media coverage.
  9. CSR activity training more than 50% underprivileged kids out of the total.
  10. Right to use the pictures and videos of the training center in sponsor brochures, advertisements etc.
  11. Monthly newsletters to parents/ press will have sponsor logo.
  12. Quarterly Magazine with 5000 subscription - Back page cover advertisement will be of Main Sponsor.
  13. Link / Ads on website/ social sites etc.
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